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Domain Register Fail and GoDaddy Support Problem



Last week, I bought a domain and all gone well until it never showed on my products. After that I called GoDaddy Turkey team to get information and they said it will come up in few hours, all I need is to wait.


But after 7 hours there were nothing about my domain and called them again for it. So they said my domain has stucked between GoDaddy and ICANN and they will pass this situation all along to US department and I needed to wait for 72 hours. Also on the phone I asked can someone be able to buy instead and they clearly said "it will be show up as free but will be unavailable to buy; no worries". But as you can guess, someone else bought it.


After 80 hours (on last Thursday), I recieved a mail from GoDaddy US; saying that they are sorry for trouble and still working on the case. Today, I called GoDaddy Turkey team and asked what is going on about my incident. A man from team responded "Oh yea, we had a technical problem and refunded". Simple is that..


I never accepted a refund or even get any information about it. Also they said it will be solved and no one will be able to buy. I told about these and asked him "when I accepted this refund or even you gave information about this while your colleagues told otherwise few days ago", so he started saying "I don't have any answer for that, we will just do the refund". I repeated my words and he said "Ok, I am ending this conversation" and hanged up.


Well, I am using GoDaddy for like about 10 years or more. I made lots of people use it while most people doesn't heard them in Turkey. Seems like I got the reward now. I will sue them in Turkey but I wonder am I capable of this in US too without being citizen of states?


Hello @efecanbasoz!


Thank you for posting. I'm sorry that your domain registration failed. Unfortunately, this is something that can happen during the registration process. Regarding your contact with support where your call was disconnected, this is not something that should happen and I will have this phone call reviewed. I'll be reaching out to you separately to discuss the domain name registration failure further. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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