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Domain Registration = Instant Spam/Phone Calls, How do they know what was registered?Don't say WhoIs

The name says it all. In the last 6 months or so, there is some sort of API or something that people are gaining access to that tells them all of the new domains that were registered instantaneously. The second you register a domain, you are now instantly getting hordes of spam and telephone calls from "web developers" who are Indian trying to sell you services. Yes I understand that you can do a WhoIs lookup on any domain out there to get the PoC's for the domain. I've been buying domains for like 15 years and it has never been a problem until just recently. Some could argue that Go Daddy allows this to happen just to try and charge $8 or whatever for privacy on a domain. That is a valid scenario. Who knows, it could even be one of the domain registrars themselves that is probably selling this info just to stir the pot and make others lose their customers. Also a valid scenario. All I know, is that right now, I will not purchase another domain through Go Daddy (another post said 1and1 gives out free basic domain privacy) and am also looking into transferring all domains from Go Daddy to another provider. So, how are these spammers getting this info?


Within the first 24 hours of registering a new domain, I received over 600 SPAM emails and received 32 unsolicited phone calls.

Basically, the way I see it, GoDaddy forces customers to pay $8 per year for Privacy, otherwise, they sell your information out to all the Scammer and Spammers worldwide.  Either way, they are going to get their $8.  

This will be the last domain I ever register with GoDaddy!!!

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Hi @sltmunky69@wvern,


Please research your facts like here :

before spreading conspiracy theories. I'm still stuck on the 'Area 51' conspiracy..........

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Poison the well.


All SPAM I get whether from GoDaddy designers(Call the FBI) or their Delhi affiliates(Call InterPOL) and send them the spammers information.

Here is my original post.