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Domain Transfer fails again after changing the source "Contact privacy" to public

Dear Support Team


based on order #1165039717 , i created a bulk domain transfer without attention to "contact privacy" setting on source domains,

after payment and resolving above issue ,i set all domains to public contact ,

but unfortunately again i cant transfer domains and emails are sending to old hashed contact person . something like


any advice will be highly appreciated


Hi @Vadoode,


Welcome to the Community!


I understand you have now removed the privacy from the domains at your current registrar. When you are in the Pending Transfers screen and see that old privacy address in the last column, roll your mouse over the privacy address so it shows a link that reads "Update". When you click on "update", our system will seek out the latest update at the registry to the domain and resend our codes to the underlying address you have there.


Refresh the screen after about 5 minutes and you can see what that "real" address is. If it is not an address that you can receive, you will need to update it at the current registrar and repeat the update. If it still shows the privacy address (as your registrar may not be updating to the registry), you can write to, note the domain name(s) and we may have to manually update it for your receipt of codes.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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