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Domain Transfer "Hosting Only"


I bought a domain through Hostmonster and I currently host it on GoDaddy. However, I'm looking to transfer the domain back to Hostmonster. I tried to follow the steps that GoDaddy provides to transfer a domain but I'm already stuck at the first step of "unlocking" the domain since I'm not even given that option (I'm assuming because its "hosting only"?).  At the same time Hostmonster is telling me I need to export my SQL database and Wordpress files in order to transfer the site -- shouldn't there just be an easy way of transferring the domain instead of having to export and import files?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi @quelita,


Think about it. Your domain name is an address. Any body can have an address without having anything in 'the house', no furniture, no books or tv, no bed. An empty house, yet it's still an address.

But if you want to 'store' and use your furniture (files), then your address has to be the same place as where you keep all your stuff!

Anybody can 'buy' a postal address (a domain name), but in order to have a home for your stuff... well you have to pay rent or mortgage, and your domain name has to be at the same place (DNS) as where your stuff is in order to use your stuff!

You can't get around it and try and get free hosting!! How on earth could you even access your files online without a IP address, which is really your domain name in binary. How would you find them?


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