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Domain/Website Problems

Hello All,


New at all this website/domain stuff and already in trouble !!

So not even sure where the right place for this is.

Here in the UK we had a domain registered by a company , we then built the website using GoDaddy, pointed  the website at the domain, waited 24+ hours and nothing no website (Error message website cannot be reached).

So someone said that we need to transfer the domain over to GoDaddy so both website and domain are together.

I think we did this but still nothing works.


What have we/are we doing wrong ?

Super User 2020

Hey there @Scott13,


In order to help you out on this, we'll need a bit more info:

  • What is your domain name / URL?
  • Have you made any DNS changes recently? If so, how long ago did you make them?
  • What type of hosting platform are you on? (Ex. GoCentral, cPanel, Plesk, etc.)
  • What is your hosting package level? (Ex. GoCentral Personal, Deluxe cPanel, Ultimate Plesk, etc.)
  • What type of website do you have? (Ex. GoCentral, WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • What type of error are you experiencing?
  • Please supply any error codes you may be receiving and please be specific.
  • What steps have you taken so far to correct the issue?
  • Please provide screenshots of what you see if at all possible.


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