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Domain and Website Transfer Requirements?

My partner is purchasing a business and needs to transfer the entire website including domain to my GoDaddy account. 


He is working on the contract to purchase the business from the seller right now.  We will be hiring GoDaddy to do the transfer for us.


So my questions are these:


1. What will GoDaddy need from the SELLER to initiate and complete the Domain and Site transfer?


2. What do we need to tell the SELLER, with regards to the information and access we will need from them to initiate and complete the transfer? (maybe the same as Q#1?)


3. What will GoDaddy need from ME to initiate and complete the transfer?




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I don't know all of the details @NikRigs but I find that the easiest thing to do is to keep business assets compartmentalized. If the business you are buying has their entire presence contained in a single GoDaddy account (and nothing else) it makes it easier for you. Sometimes there are complications because of the complexity of accounts and hosting environments.


In terms of what you need I would suggest that you gather all the information you can. I think that what you are buying would be spelled out in an agreement? That will help you if you are doing things like transferring a domain name. I assume that the business actually owns the website and code or has the right to transfer the ownership of it (that is not always the case)?


If you are looking to merge account a GoDaddy representative can help you with that BUT you will need to have the same contact information on both GoDaddy accounts. If you are looking to transfer the domain then you will need to purchase a domain transfer and migrate the website to new hosting. Whatever process you choose having good contracts will help you out if there is any issue. There are no special forms or anything to fill out but I assume that whatever proof is needed will be provided for in your purchase information. Hope that helps?

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Hi Roy, 


Thank-you for your help and I understand what you are saying.


To get more simplistic, let's ignore some of the details. This is the basics of what I need to know:


If I want to migrate a Domain and Website from one Registrar and Hosting account (let's assume it's not GoDaddy) - and have GoDaddy do it, what will I need and what will I need from the website owner?


So if I wanted to set this up today, what will need?



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What you need depends on what the website is coded in. If for instance the website is built on a WordPress base then you will want to start by installing WordPress on the hosting the website is being transferred to and the same for Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, HTML... So to start at the least you would need the website credentials and hopefully you would get the full admin account credentials? A knowledgeable web designer would be able to to migrate a website to wherever you wanted. If you are thinking about something outside of combining GoDaddy accounts I don't think GoDaddy has a service that will do that? If it seems above your ability to migrate I'd just contact a good web designer and if you like the current website then you might be able to get the same company to work on the migration for you.


Again, I don't know the specifics so that is just some generic information. Getting it setup today should be no issue depending on the website complexity and some other factors?

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head