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Domain going to the old forwarding address

I used to forward my domain to a temporary page. Then I started a Squarespace site and directed the domain there, but my domain is still going to the forwarding page. I checked with Godaddy settings and there's no more forwarding addresses. Is it just that it takes a couple days for a domain to completely go over to the new site, or is there something else that I have to do? 



For the GoDaddy settings, I would go back to the nameserver settings and ensure your squarespace nameservers are setup.  


What I've found is anytime I change the nameservers, it often helps to clear my local DNS cache.


In windows:

Click "Start" or the little Cortana Circle

In the search box enter "cmd"

In the black command prompt window type in:    ipconfig /flushdns


If the problem persists I would also clear your internet browser cache/history.


If the above doesn't work, try restarting your computer before loading up the page again.