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Domain is almost ready?

i registered a domain name and payment is done but still i can not change the DNS. in domain manager page it say : Domain is almost ready for you! but i can not do anything !!!
Online chat is unavailable too 

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Do you have a hosting account? Is the domain actually pointing to the hosting account?


If there is more to the message beyond "domain is almost ready" can you tell us what it says?


Former Employee

Hi @behnarahdari, You didn't mention the domain, but some Country Codes (ccTLD's) take longer than the more common Top Level Domains (TLD's) like .COM and .NET to set-up. This is frequently because the Registry requires additional verification or processing on a registration before we can release it for your use. In most cases, this is a matter of hours if it occurs at all. If it takes more than a day, you may want to contact Support.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi @T-3D. My domain is 

i have a hosting of course and i set the DNS from DNS manager panel. 

Now the problem is i can access the website only from my computer !!! (please don't tell me check if you uploaded the website on localhost ! because i don't). i have already another domain on my account and it points to the same type of hosting and it works perfectly. i really don't know why the domain only is accessible from my computer (already clear history of browser, use incognito window, upload different stuff on host and test but still only works only on my computer )  

I believe its a problem with your hosting account and not an issue with Godaddy. It looks like your nameservers are resolving to NS1.BYET.ORG and not the typical Godaddy nameservers. Where is your hosting account located?

Thank you for your answer.

my hosting is located in "" which is a free hosting service but the point is my other domain "" is also connected to the same hosting and i have no problem with that. the weird thing is i can access the website from my computer, if there is a problem so it must be unreachable from everywhere.