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Domain name and email

This probably isn't in the right section but...


Can i reserve a domain name through godaddy then come back at a later date and add email to the account?



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Hi @Drewd82,


No it is not possible to reserve a domain name, only to purchase and register a domain.

You can after registering it come back later to use it, you don't need to use it straight away if that is what you mean by 'reserve'.....?

Sorry i guess I didn't word that right.


i mean. I i purchase the domain name today. Am i able to add email to the account at a later date? Say a few weeks away

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Hi @Drewd82,


Once you have registered a domain name, and keep up with the renewal payments, it's yours for life. You don't have to do anything with it immediately, but until you attribute hosting etc to it, you are paying for an unused commodity basically. But yes, take your time and think things through before diving in......... your domain is now yours!


If you need further help then, just post here for help......