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Domain name expired, no email reminders, no option to renew on account

I bought the domain name last year, apparently it expired (due to old credit card details i think) and is now quarantined. I have looked everywhere on my account pages but cannot find any reference to it at all except an invoice from last year confirming I bought it.


This brought my business website offline and caused a major disruption to my services.


Can I ask why no reminder was emailed? I had received reminders for my other domain names but this one. Also where or how do I go about renewing this domain name so i can get my services back to normal?



Former Employee

Greetings @York,  How strange that you didn't see any renewal notifications, do you have a current email on file? We send out numerous reminders as detailed in this article:


This one is specific to .EU domains, but also mentions renewals:


Regardless, I would contact support to see where you are at and where we can help from this point. You said you had the original invoice number to help locate it. That would be the most efficient and timely way to resolve this.


Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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