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Domain name owned through another company

I currently own a domain name through another website company, that is set to expire July 27th. I want to transfer it to godaddy and have already got it set to transfer from the other company, but because I own the .com extension to it, godaddy registers that it's already taken and won't allow me to buy the .com extension. Is there anything I can do for this besides wait until it officially expires on the 27th?
Thanks so much!


Helper V

I am sorry, but I don't understand. If others do understand then you can ignore me.


You say you own a domain name that is set to expire but that it is set to be transferred. Is it a .com domain name? Whether it is or is not, is it the one you are asking about or are you asking about a domain name with a different TLD (in other words, not a .com)? What do you mean by "it's already taken"? Which one is taken, the one with .com or the one that is not .com?