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Domain name servers impossible to change

Hey, after your recent update I can' change name servers on several domains, after change it just redirects you to a blank page. This is global can you please check? Thanks!


Re: Domain name servers impossible to change

Same for me and for a friend.  She had to call in to have her's changed this week.  I'm wondering why this hasn't been solved yet...


Re: Domain name servers impossible to change

Hi @JA33,


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A system review shows there was an issue with .COMs processing changes on 10/16/2019. It was cleared up in the same day. If you were making changes to .COM domains and are still unable to do so now, please contact our support team at one of the numbers in the link below. 


If you're trying (and failing) to make changes to a CCTLD, Please use this link, and click on your specific domain ending to see if there are any restrictions regarding the update to nameservers.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Domain name servers impossible to change

I am currently experiencing this blank screen when attempting to modify the nameserver(s) of a .art domain though it does not appear in the CCTLD list.