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Domain not resolving?

I registered a domain with GoDaddy


I have a new cloud server with another company.


I created a cpanel account withint the cloud server for the domain I registered with GoDaddy.


But now it isn't working?


What settings must I do in GoDaddy to make the website 'appear' when I type in the domain name?



IP Address:


I'm not sure if I should change the DNS or do something in the zones (like where the a-records are done)


Any assistance would be appreciated.


I am having the same problem. The domain ( was transfer back to Godaddy from squarespace (originally at godaddy). The name servers are now cloudflare with minimal records. I know the A and CNAME records are pointing to the godaddy shared hosting server and it will work for an hour or so then it will randomly start loading the squarespace website. I even deleted the squarespace site and immediately the generic squarespace site stared loading even though cloudflare is pointing straight to GD server. As for propagation time, I changed the nameservers over on Friday 2/23. Seems like it should have propagated by now.. Any help??