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Domain not visible in manager after purchase.

I purchased two domains (.uk and at the same time, paid for them both with PayPal, and received emails from both PayPal and GoDaddy that payment was complete.  However, I subsequently received an email from GoDaddy saying that I still needed to make payment for the domain ("Complete Your Order Today!").  Using the link to my shopping cart from said email and navigating independently to the shopping cart show an empty cart; both domains and full payment appear on today's order history.


The .uk domain appears in the list of my products, but the one does not.  I have not received any correspondence from either PayPal or GoDaddy indicating a problem with payment, and the domain is still showing as "available" if I search for it.  How can I ensure that I do, in fact, own the domain name, and when will I be able to access it?

Helper IV

You have to contact godaddy support.