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Domain purchase



Please, I had a domain name which I got last year but something happened I couldn't use that again and along the line, I lost My credit card that was used for the purchase  I later reported to my bank and another one was issued,


As the domain expiry time drew near I decided not to go on with the renewal and also get another for a different purpose


I received a message from Godday prompting me to update my credit card so that I wouldn't lose my domain on seeing the message I ignored it since the domain is no more in use and about getting another but surprisingly I got a deduction alert that the domain has been renewed, now am not to use the domain anymore and needs another one for a purpose different from the other one


Please Is it possible for me to change the domain name to the one I wanted to buy or Can godday refund me back so that I can use the funds for another domain?


I have been trying to find a way to chat the support over this but it seems that live chat is not available and it's gonna cost me a lot to put call on them


Please i need your humble advice


Thank you


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Re: Domain purchase

Hi @Frans66,


Do you know how to use a proxy server? The reason I ask is that if you use a European or USA based proxy server and go onto the main Godaddy home page <> and hang around there for a few moments, a chat window will pop up.

The chat person will most likely be speaking the language the proxy server is based in, or English so have google translate handy if language is an issue.

Other than that, if what you mean is that 'Chat' is there but just busy, well you will just have to wait, or phone:


and proxy servers.......


Re: Domain purchase

I'm sorry but have no idea what you mean by 'PRO' in your email:

Hi @romar,


Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. Pro members can submit a support ticket on behalf of their clients. That does, of course, depend on them wanting to accept you as a client.