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Domain push to another user is still pending. How long does it take?

I pushed a domain to another Godaddy user, they accepted yesterday but domain is still in my account and says this "Account change pending Waiting for new owner to respond" does it usually take this long?

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Re: Domain push

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The process of an account change is really dependent on the two account holders. It sounds like the person you're sending the domain to just hasn't accepted the change. Once that is complete, I believe it takes about 48 hours or so. Most of the time it's done a lot quicker.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Domain push

They say they accepted but for some reason when I pushed the domain the lock went on when I never asked for this? Is there way to fix this or does the person have to wait 60 days? Never had this issue before.


Re: Domain push

Hi @Vicki988,


A Change of Account usually takes just minutes after the recipient enters the codes provided, or is able to click "Accept". If they claim to have done so and the domain is still in your account, you'll want to contact our customer support team to review the domain status. (A 60-day wait only applies to a transfer to another registrar.)





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