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Domain renew is not working and no support available

Can't renew my domain and can't do nothing about this.
1. Button "Renew" does nothing. Just refreshes the page with domain list.
2. No chat support. I always see text in the footer "Still Need Help? Chat with our award-winning support team". But there is no way to open chat. And there is no information on working hours. Only this irritating teasing text about "award-winning support" that impossible to access.
Helper VI

Hello  @AndreyG


Unfortunately, due to the confidential information that are necessary, your problem is not something that can be solved here (on the forum).

Someone will have to access your account in order to investigate what's wrong, but no one from the forum can do that.

You should contact (by phone or chat) a customer support representative in order to investigate the problem from your account. Live chat team is on Mon-Fri at 5AM - 6PM Arizona time UTC-7 and phone support is on 24/7 here


Good luck.


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I am sorry to hear about these problems. First, it is important to know when did your domain expire? Ruth

When I try to cancel autorenew, it constantly comes up with "Yikes! Something went wrong, try again later!". Cancelling my domain as we speak, can't be dealing with something as simple as cancelling autorenew not working. Seems weird.