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Domain server DNS address not found

I just upgraded my package from economy to economy with Cpanel yesterday and when I try to access my domain I get an error saying: DNS address not found. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Can anyone help?

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in answer to your question 'can anyone help' probably not without more details. 

Also you must assign a domain to your hosting. A lot also depends on updating your hosting through cPanel rather than buying separate hosting. 

I really don't know of any more details I can give you other than the error itself. The domain is already assigned to my hosting. It even says "running with no issues".

I simply upgraded my hosting to get the PHP 5.4 and higher, and the upgrade wouldn't start until I got rid of the old hosting. So I got rid of the old hosting(lost all my files by the way) to enable the new hosting and all I am getting now is just an error saying DNS address not found for

Can't login to FTP either.

Hi @EVH1,


The nameservers for your new hosting are not necessarily the same as for the other hosting plan. Your first step would be to determine the new nameservers needed for the new hosting, then updating the nameservers on the domain(s). The instructions below may help.


If you need assistance with nameservers (pointing your domain to a website) you may use the instructions below.

Finding Your Nameservers for hosting with us:

Updating the Nameservers on your domain:


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TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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