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Domain still Parked - can't access my site

hi everyone, i'm Mr.Wizzy and i need assistance. i can't access my dormain , it keep showing a parked free page anytime i try. what could be the cause and how do i solve the problem?



Hello @atingmajor,


When I visit the site that you have linked I'm able to view your site. Did you just update the DNS recently?

Hello ADk 
This website  has been working well on its domain
but recently it stopped after  using Godady website builder 
to design another website for different domain but  all under my account
and how do i get the namesever for the sever were my account is?
They are all hosted on Godady

Hello @Rogers!


Welcome to the community! That site is loading in for me. Seems like you were able to get this fixed. If you're still having trouble, can you reply with some detail about what you're seeing when you go to the site and what it's supposed to look like instead?


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Helper V

That domain might not be working even now in India, Thailand and parts of Australia. If the problem is localized such as that then it is a problem with the way the internet works. People in those parts of the world probably are accustomed to the problem.