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Domain stopped resolving to Google Site after Google Site update

Hi Folks,


I edited my Google Site for the first time in a while. It’s a simply family tree site. Google prompted me to convert to an updated Sites format; so I did; then the site stopped resolving from my custom URL. I’m having a hard time getting this to work again.


After reading some help articles, I tried adding a custom URL to my Google Site, but it tried to verify that I owned the domain and failed.


I tried adding using Webmaster Center on Google to generate Host and Target codes that I added as a CNAME entry to my domain in GoDaddy. It was in the format:


 CNAME  [some_text]  [other_text]


The next day I tried entering my domain that used to work and still got a 404 error, so I tried adding the unique verification string as a TXT value in GoDaddy; it started with google-site-verification=


I waited until the next and and tried again to verify ownership in Google’s Webmaster Central, I still get Verification Failed.


In GoDaddy I also tried forwarding the domain to my Google Site, but that didn’t affect anything.


I’m not sure if any of these settings are stomping on others. I’m not sure what I’m doing.


Any suggestions?

Super User 2020

For the pointing make sure you have the proper CNAME record and forward to



Host: www

Points to:


Make sure the domain is added to your website.


The host doesn't need your domain, just the subdomain. But the points to needs the full address.  So for the verification CNAME...

Host: [some_text]

Points to: [other_text]