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Domain to Lodgify Website - Configure DNS


Kinda struggling as this is my 1st Rodeo.


I have developed a webpage on Lodgify for my apartments and now need to migrate my domain over to it. When I attempt to add 2 new "A" records as required I get an error saying "The specified CNAME already exists in the zone" when i have used the Type A.  . My guess is its a rookie mistake but could someone be so kind to point that out.

Thanks LP





Hi @LuckyPete!


Thank you for posting. If you're getting an error about a CNAME, you may be in the place for creating CNAMEs rather than A records. Please try these instructions for adding A Records and see if that works for you. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I am trying to following instructions from Lodgify website to link with Go daddy.  


You need to create 2 "Records A" on your domain, this is generally achieved through your provider's DNS Management interface.

1st Record A:

  • Alias - Should be the full domain:
  • Type - Should be "Record A"
  • Points To - Should be

2nd Record A:

  • Alias - Should be @@ or the domain without "www":
  • Type - Should be "Record A"
  • Points To - Should be

I tried to add the 1 record, using as the host but I keep getting an error CNAME already exists.  I am choosing A from the pull down menu from the bottom of the Records section and then filling in the Points To but the error pops up every time.  What am I doing wrong?