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Domain transfer: How long does it take before i can transfer domain

How long does it take before i can transfer my godaddy domain to another host? I registered my domain 2 days ago from Godaddy, and i want to transfer it to another host. Is it true i have to wait 60 days after newly registering a domain before transferring? And is there any transfer fee involved on any sides (Godaddy or the host i am transferring to? Please quick response would be appreciated.


There are three situations here.

1. You want to transfer a domain to another registrar. In this case it is true that you need to wait 60 days. This is not a GoDaddy rule, this is from ICANN, an organization that regulates domains.

2. An internal transfer within GoDaddy, to a different person's account, which is called a "push". You can do this instantly.

3. You just want to use your domain for a website you want to build with another host. You don't need to transfer your domain. You just need to check the DNS (Domain Name Server) the other host uses, go into your GoDaddy account and change your DNS to point to that host. The change takes effect in about 24 hours max.

These are all the scenarios I can think of based on your question.