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Domain transfer is rejected.

A is my domain.


I already completed below.


  1. Unlock the domain
  2. Get an authorization code
  3. Purchase a domain name transfer in GoDaddy
  4. Enter the authorization code
  5. click on the Approve button that appears in the email
  6. Previous authorized agency already confirmed the job that transfer domain to another agency.

So I can check that new authorized agency : Inames Co., Ltd.(

And Inames is backend provider of Godday



But GoDaddy console say "transfer is rejected".


What should I do?

Former Employee

Greetings @riiid,


The response "transfer is rejected" does not mean you missed a step, in fact you would have had to do 1-5 to get this far. However, the domain has not yet moved to our accounts.The WHOIS shows the current registrar as follows, so the domain has not transferred to us yet: 


Domain Name :
Authorized Agency : Inames Co., Ltd.(

The error you received can mean many things, however. It can range from an internal registrar lock to a data transmission error. As we do not have direct access to your account in The Community, I would suggest the following - contact our 24/7 Support and they can have our ccTLD (Country Code domains Team) retry the transfer for you to eliminate any data transmission or communications errors. If it fails again (hopefully it doesn't), you may need to contact the current registrar to clear any internal holds and then retry on our side.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at