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Domains/DNS: Configuration



So here is the scenario. I have 2 godaddy accounts. One is used by client for his domain. And second one is mine. The second one already has a domain and is up and running. Now I am trying to host the 1st domain(client's godaddy account) in my godaddy account. I have done the following steps:


1. In clients account. I went to the DNS setting and changed the nameservers to what I have in my hosting account

2. In my account I have added an Addon Domain with new FTP user and directory for files.

3. I have added few files in directory created in #2.


It's been over a day now. Client domain is still not pointing to the files in #3.


Please advice.


Hi @byshabana


Thank you for your post. Nameserver updates can be tricky as they don't always reflect on what is shown in the hosting account. 


The best way to know what pair of NS is assigned for the domain is to look at the bottom of the zone file in the Nameserver section. Be sure to update the domain to the corresponding pair that you see in the zone as the zone is assigned to be read by that pair of NS. 


Once you have ensured the NS have been properly assigned, check the DNS propagation through this link:


submit the domain name and click search and this will show if the domain is able to resolve to the I.P.  set in the zone file. 


Hope this helps!