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Domains not registered with GoDaddy still displaying in my account.

Found out last week that a couple domains in our account are no longer registered with GoDaddy. The frustrating thing is GoDaddy still allowed us to renew them? How can a domain be listed with two different registrars? You'd think the domains not with GoDaddy would be at a minimum greyed out or disabled or removed from your domain manager listing. 

Rockstar II

Where are they listed? Are they listed in your domain manager? I'm thinking you're looking somewhere else because I've owned thousands of domains through Godaddy and a lot have been transferred to other registrars and this has never happened to me.

Hi Justin. They are listed in our domain manager. This has never happened to us either which is why its so strange. What prompted me is that our client consolidated all their domains to Namecheap last week and were having DNS issues last Friday. I knew at one point we did manage their domains in our GoDaddy account however when I looked at the DNS settings, they didn't match up when doing an nslookup or whois lookup. Nameservers and IP's didn't match at all. It's bizarre. 


- Marc