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Don't know where to start

I am wrapping up building a website for a club here in town.  I contacted the current website host asking about a starting to do a domain transfer.  They looked at their records and said that the club registered the domain themselves in 2013 with GoDaddy.  After looking up the whois record it says that the domain doesn't expire until 2020 - and it appears to be a private listing.


Unfortunately the club has gone through 7 different General Managers in the last 5 years - so I'm not even sure where to start to try and get a username, email address or password with GoDaddy.  They have used several emails over the years as well.


Can someone please advise and point me in the right direction?  I'm sure this isn't the only organization that has no idea how to access their GoDaddy account. 


Thank you,




Super User II

You can try contacting the email address listed in whois (like, depending on the original registrant's settings and if they still us the same email they may get it.


Other than that you can work with support directly so they can verify who should be in control of the domain.

Sounds great thank you!