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Don't want to pay to request domain already owned by GoDaddy to "negotiate".

I want to use the site for my clothing boutique that already exists via shopify. However it's already in use though it's registered to GoDaddy but it's a search redirect. I don't want to pay $70 for them to "negotiate" when they already own it. What should I do. 

Helper VI

@princessgang the registrar is GoDaddy, but it's owned by a person. If you don't want to pay the negotiation, to buy the domain from the owner, then you should choose another domain name. Also, you may want to use another TLD instead of .com. For example looks like it's available.


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Hi @princessgang,


The Domain Buy Service is just one way you can obtain the domain name. You may also contact the owner directly if you wish. The other response you received was also excellent -- you can create a new domain with another TLD.


When a domain is registered at GoDaddy, it is the account holder/Registrant that owns the domain. GoDaddy does not own the domain, so we are not negotiating "when they already own it". We will negotiate the best price for you from the current owner of the domain. Just FYI on the service offered.


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