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Email DNS migrated, but not working


I recently moved my site to hosting on (not through GoDaddy) and my domain and email is through GoDaddy. After updating the DNS, I have used the 'Recheck DNS' in the Dashboard and everything looks OK. The email alias still exists, however when I send a test email to the alias I get a recipient not found.


I'm confused because the alias is definitely there. Any advice?


Hey @gusmackay,


If you're willing to share the domain name in question, I'm sure some of the helpful members of the community can run a DNS check to make sure your domain's MX records are resolving correctly. It may also help to know the type of email plan too as the setting will defer according to the service.


Otherwise, our support teams are available to review directly at anytime by phone or through our live chat. Smiley Happy


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I migrated email DNS to Zoho mail which I am using for professional email . But it is not working . Neither two of my domains are shown to be parked by GoDaddy . It says's server address could not be found .
My second domain is