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Email continuity through a nameserver change

I'm transferring nine domains from another reseller to godaddy, along with hosting.  But I have a tenth domain that has a .cc top level domain, which means only enom can manage it.  I have it forwarded to my previous host and set up about 35 email addresses, which forward to various accounts.  I have copied those forwarding instructions within godaddy.


When I switch the name servers at enom to point to godaddy, is there a risk of lost email?  With websites, a switch of name servers just means that sometimes you see the old location, sometimes the new location, during the 24-48 hour period while the name servers propagate.  Will email work the same way?  That is, no email should be lost because either it goes to the old host, who forwards it, or it goes to godaddy, who forwards it. 


On the other hand, this is the first time I've made such a change; the last time I changed hosts, it was because my old host went offline and everything was lost until the name server change propagated.  (That was  a nightmare because I couldn't get the registrar to release my domains, but an unrelated story.)



Well, if anyone stumbles on this question, I pointed the nameservers at GoDaddy and sent a flurry of emails and none were lost.