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Email moving with Domain Transfer

I'm in the process of moving the hosting of my site to Go Daddy. My domain is currently with Melbourne IT. I'm wondering if I transfer the domain to Go Daddy what will happen with my emails using that domain. I have an info@*** email address and want to make sure this email will continue to work after the transfer. We currently use Mail on our Mac and I assume I will be able to change a few settings and continue to receive emails through there.

Will anything happen to my history?

Former Employee

Greetings @anna-whiting,


Thanks for asking such an important question. Since it can take 5 to 7 days for a domain to be released, you want to be sure to get this right up front.


While I would like to give you a direct answer that fits your situation, it depends on several things. Are you moving your email as well as your registration and hosting or keeping your email with someone else? If you are keeping your email elsewhere, we can help you set up a third party DNS in advance of the change to keep email flowing. If you are moving the email here, we can help you even more.


As far as what happens to "historic" mail, that will depend on some variables, as well. Do you use an email client like Outlook? There may be some tricks to bridge the email from the old and new servers or at least archive the old email. 


I would strongly suggest a good person-to-person conversation with our excellent tech support staff to get this right the first time.


We'd be happy to hear back from you, especially if others would benefit from your experience.


Thanks in advance,
Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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