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Errors when applying DNS Changes

Hi Guys,


Bought a new domain a few days ago and am having constant issues when applying new DNS records. I keep getting the following error


An unexpected error occurred. If this issue continues, contact support.


The thing is if I refresh, it shows the records as updated, but an hour later it reverts back to the old records.


Have tried changing the default NS servers to other godaddy servers, but still have the same issue.


Also been trying trying to find where I can log a ticket for this, but seems like only telephonic support is available, and it's 04:30am here. Really don't feel like speaking to someone on the phone right now.


Any idea's what I can do to sort this out, or just to log a ticket with godaddy would be fantastic.

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 There are no support tickets, your only option is phone or live chat if it's available in your country.


You don't like phoning at 4:30 am? Welcome to my world.......... how many folk have world clocks all over their desktop? Except in MI5, or James Bond movies?

I even get clients saying dumb stuff like "Hey I have been trying to call you for like 9 hours, where were you? Your phone was switched off?"........ I was sleeping?


ha ha ha, I know the feeling bud. Oh so well.


I was more worried about waking the wife, I would get heaps of pooh shoveled all over me if she caught me working at 4:30am.


But to be honest, it's the only time I don't get bothered.


Sigh, DNS records have reverted again. Seriously frustrating. I guess she can't crap on me now.


Thanks though, appreciate the reply.