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Brandon in support moments ago stated when I said my domain Set 4 LIFE .Biz  was fine 12 hours ago..... Can you please check to see what has happened ???? There are 2 companies SOMALIFE which my domain went to and LinkConnector who was responsible for traffic paymment........ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHECK BUT I FEEL LINKCONNECTOR AND / OR SOMALIFE  HACKED AND REROUTED MY

DOMAIN............ REPLY PLS TO and Thank You.....

A year of advertising and LINKCONNECTOR can just REROUTE MY DOMAIN ? .........C'Mon Man.....

Community Manager

Hi @Freedomway2018. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm guessing you mean I'm seeing it is currently forwarded to this URL:


If the page isn't redirecting properly but you still want to point it to linkconnector, I'd suggest reaching out to their support. If you did not set up this forwarding, then you should edit the forward so that it points to what you want. I'd also recommend changing your GoDaddy password and adding two-step verification if you can. Hope that helps. 


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