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Fishy redirection on my domain


I am stuck here and would really appreciate some pointers.

I have a domain name which I got from godaddy long back. It is currently hosted as a add-on domain on   I did not make any change to this website since long and it houses a very old site of mine. I checked yesterday and found that my homepage was replaced by somebody else's homepage! I am not sure if this is really some hack attack or some tech glitch. 


Here is my analysis so far:

1) The domain is not expired and valid on my name till 2019

2) The domain nameservers are correctly pointed to Cirtexhosting

3) In my cirtex cpanel, this domain is added as a add-on domain

4) In my cirtex cpanel, this new add-on domain is mapped to a subfolder on my hosting directory

5) my primary domain ( on cirtex is working fine (so no  changed homepage on it)

6) is not working fine, since around Aug 20, 2017 as per my analytic logs

7)  Interestingly I had made a subdomain which is still working fine by redirecting to blogger as expected.

😎 The files in the subfolder, for the add-on domain, look fine to me at a high level


Hosting(cirtex) says everything looks fine from their end.


Could somebody please suggest what I can check to get my domain working again.



Hi @saurabhk,

I would suggest reaching out to our support team to make sure your DNS settings with us are correct. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at