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Forward IP with Port to Sub domain



I have Teamspeak server with IP and PORT and I want to redirect, so instead of people trying the full IP and PORT, I want them to use the url (example: but when I try to create a record of "A" it says invalid IP address, it doesn't allow me to add the port.

Can someone help me here?

Helper VI

Hi @roberto92za, you can't add a port in your DNS records.

People will have to connect using

In order to do that you have to point your A record to your IP address (no port).


Later you may be able to configure your teamspeak server to listen to port 80, so people can connect using with no port.


Hope it helps!


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Community Manager

Hey @roberto92za. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! You may be able to set up your connection by using an SRV record. I'm not familiar with how to do this with Teamspeak, but I've heard of it being done for Minecraft servers, so it seems possible. You can find out more about setting up an SRV record by reading this article. Hope that helps. 


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