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Forwarding a domain and getting ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED


I recently forwarded 2 domains to this GoDaddy account from another GoDaddy account and am now having issues with the forwarding from our old address to the new address. 

I am trying to forward (without the www) to The forwarding works correctly if I open it in Internet Explorer, but doesn't work in Chrome, even after clearing cache, cookies, and history. It also doesn't work in an Incognito window.

The error I keep getting is "This site can't be reached. unexpectedly closed the connection: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED" 


Any ideas as to what could be causing this issue? Thanks for the help!


Re: Forwarding a domain and getting ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

Another thing I just noticed... If I click the link above, it works.


If I type the address in myself, it doesn't.


Re: Forwarding a domain and getting ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

Hi @AKSummit,


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Your forwarding is working for me in several browsers. This may just be an issue of allowing enough time for the DNS changes to propagate. The A record shows a correct forwarding IP address. Are you still experiencing the issue?



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