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Forwarding a domain with expired ssl

I am helping someone re-brand their business and are moving their old site to a new one. I have entered the forwarding details in the 'DNS Management' section of the domain settings and it works fine for the most part.


However, I believe the old URL has an expired SSL certificate, and there are some old google search results that reference an https page. When you click on that link, the page times out. If you change 'https' to 'http' the redirect works.


What is the best way to make sure that the https addresses get redirected?

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Re: Forwarding a domain with expired ssl

Hi @jabostick


Thank you for your question.  Wanted to check in with you and see if there's any update on your problem?  I'm happy to include a few folks to help out - in particular during an AMA next week where we'll spend more time researching the issue.  Please let me know if anything has changed or how we can help trouble-shoot the issue.


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Re: Forwarding a domain with expired ssl


When a domain's website/forwarding is updated in our systems, we send out the new information across the internet. However, we unfortunately do not dictate how quickly websites and search engines update their cached information, which is why we see situations like what you have mentioned. With search engines in particular, they store the data they see when they visit (crawl) the website and display it for visitors to see when searching, in this case Googling, for them.

There are ways to help speed up the removal of outdated search engine results, though they are typically handled by the search engine displaying the results. For example, is Google's help article for removing information from their search results pages.

Hope this helps!


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