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Forwarding an .app domain

Greetings, Community


I'm baffled:  it works, but it doesn't work, at the same time! 


I recently used domain forwarding to redirect several new .app domains to an existing site of mine.   Then I tested that connection, by simply entering the new .app name into a browser (Chrome or Firefox), on several different devices. 


The forwarding works fine, when I try this from a tablet (android), BUT, from my laptop (Windows7), it fails with a timeout error: (This site can’t be reached took too long to respond). 


Of course, I checked several obvious possibilities:  I can access the site via laptop by using the full address, and it doesn't seem to matter whether I prefix the .app name with https:// or www.   


You can test it yourself:  try going to   You should land at a login page (titled KineMan Subscriptions / Subscribers: Log in to KineMan Pro).


Any suggestions?  





I have the same problem with any .APP domains I would redirect to GoDaddy auctions.

Forward works on mobile only.


Helper I

This isn't the ultimate solution, but will temporarily forward your domains until the registrars and landing companies figure this out.


This was created to forward .app domains to for sale landing pages, but if you shoot me an email after adding your domain I can setup a manual forward to your site.