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Forwarding with mask doesn't work

I have a subdomain set up with forwarding with masking. After the forward, I can still see the domain I was forwarded to. But there is no blank page. I see the correct page with the wrong url. Any ideas?




Hi @picard1964


Thank you for your post. After updating the settings, time will be needed for the update to take affect on the DNS propagation as well as local networking caching to recognize the new connection. In most cases these changes may take upto 24 hours to complete. If after 24 hours you still don't see a change eon your local devices, try a different device you haven't tried to connect from before to see if there is a change. If there are still no changes taking affect please feel free to reach out to customer services support line and our agent will be happy to review the current settings to ensure they have been updated properly.


Best Wishes!