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From Weebly to GoDaddy; Now SSO and other issues

WP keeps bumping me out, working in WP Admin and I am taken to a WP page to relog in,

1.) Setup Hosting and Domain Registration w/ GoDaddy - Good

2.) Went through prompts to get Weebly to GoDaddy Doman transfer - Good

3.) Developed site at a temporary web address - Good

4.) With GoDaddy Tech support Phone support transferred domain from temp location to domain that Weebly had previously been the registrar for. - Good

5.) Began WP Admin work to change a few things on the site - Bad

Attached video is an example of what is happening.

A.) I login thru GoDaddy and go to the products page, I wait for update check, then I go to WP Admin.

B.) It Logs me in securely and I end up at Dashboard

C.) Then I click on 'Plugins' and it bumps to a WP Login....

--)There are other items clicked on that send me to WP Login as well

video link at You Tube

Another anomaly (Sometimes) is after clicking on WP Admin it takes me to the web address and the old Weebly content is displayed. kinda like it can't find WordPress on the Domain.