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Getting my Go Daddy domain back from web builder

I purchased my domain from Go Daddy. I then hired a web builder to build a custom web site, which they have botched. I would like to get my domain and all contents parked back at Go Daddy until I can get it fixed. I wont get any help from the web site developer. Is this something I can do?

Helper III

As long as you own the domain & have access to the GoDaddy account that was used to buy the domain, you have no problem.


Just go to your Domain Management & edit your domains I.P. address to point to a parked GoDaddy static page.


I recommend consulting your web developer before doing anything yourself, especially if you have a big website with lots of activity. Otherwise, you can try learning how to build your own website yourself.

Thank you for that information. I was able to point the domain back to Go Daddy. I wonder if there is a way I can see what documents are attached to the domain, before trying to locate another web developer.

You can check what documents are attached to it by going into whatever hosting provider you pointed it to prior to pointing your domain to GoDaddy's parked page. If important, save your FTP files either in a dropbox or your computer.