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Getting started with reclaimed domain/web site

Good evening.


I have a domain name parked here on godaddy.  It was reclaimed by me, as the previous company paid to develop it did not fullfill their agreement, and actually held my domain refusing to return it.

I reclaimed it, as I was able to prove I was the legitimate owner of registration.


Now, I have the domain parked here, and the work that the previous company did is still active.


I want to be able to open the site up for continued development, but I do not want to lose the files that are already there.


Can anyone tell me what product I need to pay for to be able to maintain the files already in existence, and be able to continue development of said files on my own?


My current fear is if I activate a hosting product, I may lose the files that already exist.




I have tried multiple times to reach support.


I just need to know if I purchase a hosting product if the files that are currently attached to the domain will still be accessible or if they will be gone.