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GoDaddy Auto Populate Modifications or corrections

My experience has been this week, that the Godaddy's Auto correction feature is for the birds.


After calling Customer Service to make sure all my contact info was accurate via auto populating all email, address, phone and fax number I discovered I have to do every single domain's update over again; turns out to be a pain in the rear to do individually since I own a lot of domains. 


So don't bother doing it that way, just do it by each domain or lose time as I did ... I am not happy. This is wasting a lot of my time and delaying my selling attempt of various domains causing me unnecessary hardship. 


Hey there @Benik. Thanks for taking the time to post this and being a part of the GoDaddy Community.


I am so sorry to hear about these issues you had with updating your domain contact information. This sounds to me like something our developers will need to look into and how the auto populate is interfering with making these updates. I will be sure to pass along this along to the appropriate team to have this looked into.

Thanks for letting us know!


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