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GoDaddy Domain not Forwarding


I am trying to forward my domain ( to my Etsy shop ( Every time that I click on my link, I get this error: 


Your Internet access is blocked

Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection.


And this is not only for my computer, because I had a company email me saying that my redirect isn't working. I have tried to set up a forwarding to, with a permanent redirect and forwarding only, with the update DNS and nameservers box checked. However, after waiting several days, my domain still will not forward.

Super User 2020

You can actually point a domain to an etsy shop without the need for forwarding.


Remove forwarding, delete the A record for host @ and CNAME record for host www.  Then create these records.



Host: @

Points to:



Host: www

Points to:


Make sure this is the only A record for host @ and the only CNAME for host www.  Then you'll also need to add the domain to your store in the Pattern Dashboard.

This is just my Etsy store, and not Pattern. Pattern allows you to have your own website and I do not have that right now. Does this still work?

I am sorry, I was unaware there's a difference.  I am not duplicating the error as described, though I wonder if you can determine some common denominator between those who are.  You can also post a screenshot of your DNS records to get another set of eyes to help review.