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GoDaddy Email: Your Domain Expires Soon

Received the email below today from GoDaddy.  My domain doesn't expire until 2025!

Anybody else getting the following email?


Subject:  *domain name* will expire soon.

Don't Risk Losing
*domain name*
Set up Auto-Renew Now

Your domain expires soon. If you let it lapse, you could also lose any website, email address or other product connected to it.

Just go to your Domain Manager, select Auto-renew and never worry about renewing again. If you have any questions, call us around the clock at (480) 505-8821.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: GoDaddy Email: Your Domain Expires Soon

Hmm. That sounds pretty strange @Wailer. Our system sends out emails like that one automatically. If you're certain the domain in question is not due to expire, we'd appreciate it if you could reach out to our support team and provide the email example. We'll want to have the situation reviewed to avoid future confusion. Thanks for reaching out! 


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Re: GoDaddy Email: Your Domain Expires Soon

Thanks for your reply JesseW. 
I thought it was strange myself!  Yes I'm certain about the expiration date because I renewed it earlier this year and then double checked my expiration date when I received the email.


Re: GoDaddy Email: Your Domain Expires Soon

I am furious right now because Go Daddy has renewed my site, 365 email and domain two weeks before they were authorized to do so.  Kind of a big chunk of change for little old me without prep.  GoDaddy, you are greedy and really making me want to make a switch.

Re: GoDaddy Email: Your Domain Expires Soon

If it was 2 weeks before the expire date, it is most likely to protect your domain in case of a failed payment.  That gives you 2 weeks to fix it before you lose it.

Former Employee

Re: GoDaddy Email: Your Domain Expires Soon



Thank you for your question.  Wanted to check in with you and see if there's any update on your problem?  I'm happy to include a few folks to help out - in particular during an AMA next week where we'll spend more time researching the issue.  Please let me know if anything has changed or how we can help trouble-shoot the issue.


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Re: GoDaddy Email: Your Domain Expires Soon


Our systems will automatically send emails when we see domains and products are coming up for renewal. This is done to prevent any accidental expirations from happening and to give you the opportunity to cancel any products you do not intend to renew. If your domain was renewed out far into the future when we sent out that renewal notice email, we would be happy to take a look into why our system sent you that email so we can improve them moving forward.

Hope this helps!

Paul D. | Advanced Technical Support
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