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GoDaddy Push


When pushing a domain to another GoDaddy acc from a GoDaddy account does the domain retain its registration period or does the accepting registrant have to renew it after accepting.?

E.G. push a domain with 6 months to go before renewal - does new owner get the remaining 6 months before renewing it again?

thanks for any help

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The remaining time stays with the domain.

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Additionally, you also get a full year registration included. So, it's the time you had remaining at the previous registrar plus one year. 

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Hi @MrVapor


We appreciate your response to our customer regarding the "domain push" - moving a GoDaddy domain to another GoDaddy account.


A quick correction to the reply. The registration time on the domain WILL remain the same on this account change. However, the addition of one year on that registration will only happen in a "Domain Transfer" - when a customer purchases a transfer in the GoDaddy account and the domain comes in from another, different registrar. (No time we be added in the account change.)



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