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GoDaddy is rejecting domain's NS change

I have migrated my website to a new server. When I try to edit the NS addresses into the new server's, I receive this error: "The data provided cannot be used, please correct it and resubmit your request."


What does that mean?

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Hi @Dangeroustuna,

what is your domain name?

Hello, @Retired.

The domain name is

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Hi @Dangeroustuna,

everything seems fine now............ it's the rammsteinium phenomenon anomaly........ just say that quickly three times and your site is working! Smiley Happy

Hello @Retired

Thank you for your time and effort so far! Unfortunately though, the DNS change is still not working. I tried to log out and do it via an incognito window to erase my cookies, but it still occurs.

Any suggestions?

New to this forum, so hello everyone, and...

Sharing the pain, getting the below when trying to correct a ns swap over. (Two sites, wrong ns pointing to each. A cross over)


Dangeroustuna, did you get...








The data provided cannot be used, please correct it and resubmit your request.


Any guidance in this thread much appreciated


@mikebar That's exactly the message I got. My website's launch has been on hold this entire day because of that!

After chatting with the support for a short while, they deemed that it's an issue on my server's end. Gonna talk to the server support now and let you know how it goes.

You"ll have to register the Nameservers at the Godaddy end first, before using them on your domains.


It's usually in an advanced section and is called 'Register Name Servers' not to be confused with 'Changing Name Servers'.

That's the server staff's reply.


Can someone help me find it? Because I can't. 



Hi @Dangeroustuna.

That message you received from your other provider sounds like you are trying to register your own nameservers. What was the nameservers you were trying to use?

If you do need to register the nameservers, see this article:


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