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Godaddy's failure (ineptness) helped my Domain get stolen!

   In 2013 my Godaddy account was hacked and my domain listed for auction.  I contacted them and they assured me that it would be removed, my listing fee refunded, and everything would be ok... (I did get the refund)


  Last week my domain was sold in auction (that I never authorized), then transferred, and the money went to Chinese payee (with nothing more than a paypal account and email address with the name yan long fei. (Which is clearly NOT me)


  Contacted Godaddy Chat for help to which v_rhodore5883 told me to email Auction@godaddy (not AuctionS@godaddy which I found out later was the correct address).


  After a few calls and several emails I am waiting for a response from the Auctions team (being assured they will do a complete investigation) however according to godaddy's own Auctions FAQ "If the buyer and seller both have GoDaddy accounts, then the seller must initiate an account change. This method, also known as a registrant transfer, moves the domain name to another account at the same registrar. "


  "seller must initiate an account change" <-- I NEVER did this.. yet my domain still got transferred.. Somehow Godaddy violated their own policy by transferring my domain!


  Perhaps Godaddy should purge all auctions payee information that doesn't match the required fields so if someone does get their domain auctioned without their permission the money won't get lost in China!!!


  I'm not optimistic that godaddy will do the right thing...but I really hope they do. The buyer of my domain is also waiting on the response of the Auctions team and has led me to believe that if Godaddy concurs with me I will get my domain returned.. I hope they can still recover the money from the chineese guys paypal account but I wouldn't be surprised if he's closed it by now... (btw godaddy if that's the case and you can't recover the money it's ok to admit that you goofed up.. rather than trying to cover it up with lies)

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Re: Godaddy's failure (ineptness) helped my Domain get stolen!

"seller must initiate an account change"  It seems that there is some misunderstanding as to what this means but if someone is able to gain access to your account they can complete this step.


Keep up with your communication with but as this is a time sensitive matter I suggest calling in to support.  Here are some other options I've seen posted by @TLH

Please see for the status/registrant of your domain then you may submit ONE of the following.


1. If your domain was moved to another GoDaddy account and you are still the registrant, you may submit a change claim at CHANGEUPDATE.COM for review.

2. If your domain was moved to another GoDaddy account and the registrant has changed, you may email your issue to UNDO@GODADDY.COM for review.

3. If you have been told that GoDaddy moved it to a proven registrant, you are welcome to dispute this move and have it reviewed by sending an email to UNDOCHANGE@GODADDY.COM.

Make sure to change your passwords and that they are strong.  That includes the email associated with your account.  You can also enable 2 step verification...