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HELP.! Technophobe Alert


My biz partner left my 'start-up' company and left me to sort out my domains, I'm a complete technophobe.! Please HELP


I transferred my domain name from Namecheap to my godaddy account. Before I can adjust the DNS I have to find my nameserver?

Q: Who/What is my nameserver?

Q: What is the point of transferring domain names to godaddy if I have to use a different website to update DNS details?

Q: Can I also transfer my .com domain name with the same details?

Super User I



Sorry to hear about your partner....


=> You nameservers designate where your website is hosted.


=> If your hosting is with GoDaddy everything is now conveniently under one roof.  You don't have to use a different website.  You just have to make sure that your domain reflects the hosting name servers where your website resides.  You can find out how here.


=> Yes, you can transfer your .com domain.  You'll want the primary domain for the website to have the name servers (your and then any other domains only need to forward to that.


HTH! 😉


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