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Having trouble forwarding domain

Hello there,


I have a shopify website (currently here) which I've made a new and improved wordpress site for ( Up till now the shopify was at so it is the most important url but I want to now forward it to the .com url of wordpress.


For some reason its not working. I've forwarded domains before and its usually quite quick and works fine but of course things go wrong with the most important domain Smiley Frustrated I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that the DNS record is populated with loads of stuff related to shopify, I'm not even sure what half of it is but theres some things like google verification record. As a total rookie I'm not sure if these sorts of things will affect it?


Is there a way to just wipe the slate clean on the DNS records? Like when I first bought the domain, surely that would be a simple matter to forward and is there anything in those records that actually matters to keep? Wiping them wont cause me issues will it?

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Hi @IndustrySupply,


without access to details in DNS settings to see what looks wrong it's very hard to judge what to advise.

I suggest the best option would be shopify support.