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Having trouble pointing my domain from another company to my cPanel hosting with GoDaddy?

I am having a challenge pointing my domain (Which is registered with another company) to my hosting platform (registered with godaddy).  
The NS for the hosting account with godaddy is & respectively.  I updated on my domain name settings to have the NS of , by the time I check it on godaddy it give cannot resolve DNS error and  it changes to of another hosting account of mine respectively instead of X & Y which I set it to be.
What I intend doing is to have the 2 domains when visited point to the same host (website) at the moment as the company wants to change the name from name) to LMNO.COM(new domain name) very soon hence they wont lose their readers and migrate them successfully from the old to the new. Is this possible? How do I get it done?
Please note I cant also access CPANEL of the hosting account. I dont know why. Under my hosting plan details I see "
Plan Details
  • 1 website
  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • 25,000 monthly visitors
  • SFTP access

is this why?



Hi @temiseye,


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As you have an Economy plan, you can only have one domain assigned to that plan. You may wish to have that primary domain to be the new domain, LMNO.COM. Assign to it the correct nameservers for your account and be sure the A record in the DNS matches the IP address on the hosting plan. Then we would recommend a simple forwarding command on the old domain so that it will continue to direct your visitors to the correct website at LMNO.COM.



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